Bio: Iman Khabazian is a proven technology leader with world class team building, technical planning and production workflow capabilities. He has held multiple director and C-level titles at startups and has run engineering for a Disney business unit.  At Disney he wrote the client BI libraries used by most Disney Interactive products as well as much of the reusable code for their face book games.  At Disney Playdom he shipped 3 facebook titles, the first set a record for development time for the genre( 24 days), the second was a top money maker and became the platform for several other games, and the 3rd set an internal load testing record for scalability.

The secret to Iman's track record lies in his ability to lead teams. He posses a refined and scientific understanding of developers mental models and motivations. He is also able to create architectures at the onset of a project that allow developers to quickly meet business needs.  

Iman Khabazian

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